About Modern Doing

Modern Doing is an interview series that explores how people define their path and find meaning through work.

The interviews offer an inquisitive, non-dogmatic perspective to the often heavy and lonely burden of creating a more purposeful, integrated life. We explore each subject's life path, their definition of success, what work means, and how they balance work with leisure and other responsibilities.

FROM the creator

Hello! I'm Carolyn Yoo, a writer and software engineer based in New York.

I am always asking myself what I am meant to do in life. In my younger days I dreamed of following a passion (one that kept changing, from directing movies to writing for magazines). Once I started my career journey, I focused on practical concerns like job market and financial stability as well as opportunities for learning and growth. I enjoy my work in engineering now, but I still ask myself if this is what I ultimately want to do. Does one “know” they’re in the right career, or will there always be other aspirations? Where does purpose tie into all of this? 

After years of looking inward for answers, I am now looking to seek outward and speak with others on how they have navigated their career while considering what gives their life meaning.

Questions Modern Doing will explore:

  • Why do some people seem to pick one path and go after it full force while others pivot careers multiple times?
  • Why do some pursue their passion for work, others support their passion with a day job, and still others espouse not following passion at all?
  • How do people begin to discover what gives them meaning?
  • How can one's purpose be fulfilled through many different paths (and if there are so many, how does one choose?)

Of course, finding meaning in your work isn’t everything—it is a privilege for those who have the time and stability to ponder this question. I delve into other priorities and life circumstances interviewees experience and how this affects the work they choose. 

Through these interviews, I aim to draw insights into the why behind a wide array of perspectives regarding meaningful work. In reading these stories, I hope you will be empowered to align your work with your purpose in the way that feels right to you.